Haunted Cupcake competition and Chocolate Show

Every year  Pastry Chicago, an organization together with The French Pastry School of Chicago, hold baking competitions. Like cookies, cupcakes and pies.
It’s for amateurs, students and the public, all competing together at the same level.
Last year I did go to the cupcake competition, it was my first time competing.
It was the same time of the year and the theme was “Haunted Cupcakes”. Not only they had to be scary and Halloween themed, they had to have a spice on it. Mines were chocolate and cayenne pepper cupcakes.
There is 5 places, and nice prizes for them, including a kitchen aid mixer.
I didn’t win but the experience was great. We could enjoy nice views from the place (it was in a golf club), eat some good fall baked goods, drink apple cider and hot chocolate, plus a live demonstration from the School’s teacher.
This year unfortunately I can not go. Very sad!!!! The competition will be held at THE CHICAGO FINE CHOCOLATE SHOW. During the weekend of 18th to 20th of October. The theme of course is the same, creepy cupcakes, and the flavor its, duurrrr Chocolate.
Good Luck to whoever can go, send me some pictures!!!

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