Cranberry and Sage pie!!!

I just had to share my excitement about a recent acquisition, a book called The Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book. The first recipe from the book that I chose was Cranberry and Sage Pie, and I wanted to tell you about my attempt to make it. I was able to bake this one day while my Scottsdale pool resurfacing contractor was at my house and working on my swimming pool remodel. They could smell it through the window and little did they know that I made it just for them!

This was my first time baking with cranberries. I enjoy the sour flavor in foods, but in terms of fruit, cranberries have always been my least favorite ones. They are just so sour.

The pie had an earthy flavor that was strong due to the sage, but somehow the flavor was more sour than normal. They said these were “uncommon recipes” and they meant it.

There’s one thing that I have to admit. I’m a sucker for a thick pie crust, like the ones that can really stick to your teeth while eating. They have a somewhat chewy consistency, and the pie can be easily held.

For this particular recipe, a flaky crust is fine too, as the filling has a texture and flavor that is quite heavy.

There were some downsides that happened when I baked the pie.

The pie crust practically melted when I put it in the oven. The temperature of the pie was quite cold, so it may have been a matter of the oven temperature interacting with the pie. Maybe the acid of the pie had something to do with it, or maybe the butter was the cause.

I couldn’t find any fresh cranberries from any of the local stores, so I had to get frozen cranberries. They might have been the reason for the extra sour taste of the pie.

I didn’t add any allspice to the recipe. I think it’s a bit too overpowering and anything that it’s added to begins to taste like a pumpkin pie.

There is some happy news to spread about my pie. The pie has a great taste, and tastes even better after the first piece is finished. The delicious pie aroma has filled my kitchen, and the thickness of my crust was perfect.

This recipe is worth trying at least once. It’s easy to follow the steps of the recipe, from the simple stuff like refrigerating items to mixing items. The link to this recipe can be found here, on Food52.

After eating four pieces of the pie, I’ve become hooked. This always seems to happen to me. Time to decide which pie to make next.

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