Cranberry and Sage pie!!!

I posted here how excited I was on getting this  book. The Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book. That I have to share my experience with the first recipe I choose. Cranberry and Sage Pie.
To be honest I think never baked with cranberries before. Even though I like “sour”,  cranberries were always my least ”sour” fruit favorite.
And…. they are sour….

The combination with the sage, gave the pie a deep earthy flavor , but perhaps even more sour. They weren’t kiting when said “uncommon recipes”.

Now I’ve got to be honest.  For me pies needs to have that thick crust, that glues in between your teeth. Almost “chewy”, you know. That you can hold the pie with your own hands.
But in this case the flaky crust works very well, because the filling it is heavy, in flavor and texture.

I had some flaws….

As soon as my pie was in the oven, the crust just melted. The pie was cold, very cold by the way.  So I don’t know, maybe the oven temperature, or the butter, or the amount of acid… were the reasons for it to happen .

I used unfortunately frozen cranberries, couldn’t find fresh ones near me, so maybe it helped to make the pie little more sour.

Didn’t use “allspice” . I don’t like it and think it makes all pies taste like pumpkin pie, overpower any other flavor.

And also some happiness…

Still taste great, don’t get me wrong, specially after the first piece. Hahahah

My kitchen smell pie delicious!

I Think I ‘ve got the right “thickness” for the crust.

Its more than worth to give it a  try. The recipe was also very easy to follow. Step by step, even all the take in and out of the refrigerate thing.

If you would like the recipe , here is the  link  , from Food52′s website.

Somehow I am addicted to this pie now (after 4 pieces). Why pies do that to me?

Now off to choose another pie recipe.

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